As a true first class partner, we organize the import in Europe, the clearance, the logistics and marketing of your fresh fruits.

With a systematic knowledge of the fruits and vegetables of the European market and especially the French market, we are able to engage on volumes and minimum prices in order to offer you opportunities for your fresh fruit with more visibility.

We organize with our wholesale customers, specialized stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets trade and sales cooperation programs. Additionally, we assure you fast, transparent and quality information according to the market conditions.

Our expertise allows us to value your fruits on the European market in compliance with your interests.


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Thanks to the sustainable and quality partnerships we have established with our suppliers, we are able to secure your supply of fresh fruits imports and engage on volumes and minimum prices. We offer a wide range of imported fresh fruits available six days a week throughout the year.

We work just in time and organize the logistics and the direct delivery to your fresh fruits warehouse. We are also able to package or repackage the fruits in fast time and based on the specification of your choice.

-          Girsac bags

-          Tray with 1 row, 2 rows, every format

-          Management of checkout IFCO, COGIT, etc

Our expertise allows us to stand out as a reliable, flexible and responsive supplier, guaranteeing a steady supply of quality.


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